Sunday, 5 September 2010

It ain't me, babe

I went to my first Pride on Saturday which was nowhere near as exciting as I thought it would be but still a day of rainbow love is fab!

Things that I hate

- how I go from happy, chatty drunk t0 stupid, irrationally, far too drunk without noticing until it's too late.
- how everyone in Leicester seems to be in a couple.
- when I'm at home I want to be at uni and when I'm at uni I want to be at home
- doctors that don't care
- being fatter than I have ever been and not being able to get it together to eat less and loes
- being patr0nised by people at least two years younger than me yet feeling a lot younger than I really am
- being so fucking vulnerable
- fucking up so many friendships
- sitting awake at 5AM with only day hospital to get up for
- feeling safe and relaxed in the smoking garden at said day hotspital and not really wanting to leave
- myself. intensley.

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  1. This is an awesome piece, all the things your experiencing are quite normal you know. I love your blogs