Saturday, 17 September 2011

Without these pills you're let loose

I've missed two doses of meds (by accident) and my mood has crashed, I feel irrationally angry and upset, I really want to hurt myself, just completely all over the place... I was up and then smack back down again.

I take the meds willingly, I believe that they help, and them every so often I forget and things fall through so quickly, in less than a day, things are terrible...

Is it going to be like this forever? Will I be popping this amount of pills forever? Seroquel, Mirtazapine, Lamictal, Seroxat, Haldol, sometimes Zopiclone, sometimes Diazapam...

Am I over-medicated?

But if I go to pieces like this after two fucking doses then what else do I have? What choice...

1 comment:

  1. I don't know if you are over medicated but you are on a lot of medication and potentially an amount that is no necessarily needed.
    BUT if you are being carefully monitored I can deal with it.
    If you are not, then there has to be a degree of duty of care (or lack there of)
    I would never stop my medication I would go, well, mental!!

    I am also sorry to read about the rape counsellor, what a bloody brilliant thing to do to a person.

    Be good Em <3