Monday, 14 June 2010

Are boobs important?

Okay, so, I have no boobs. Well, I have them but they are tiny, I hardly ever wear a bra because I just don't need too, I hardly fill an AA cup.

It doesn't matter how much weight I gain they never get any bigger. Everyone else I know who has been anorexic and gained weight have got their boobs back and I'm still stuck with the chest of a thirteen year old.

It never used to get me down but just recently I've started to hate it. Even though I am not thin, the whole 'real woman have curves' campaign of thought depresses the hell out of me. I don't have curves, I gain weight straight on and off my stomach and thighs but I don't ever have hips or boobs or a bum.

I had a bit of a dissociative incident about a month back and woke up with my chest covered in scars, since then I've been obbsessed about how unattrative that must make me, how no-one would EVER want to see me naked...

I don't feel like a 'real woman' and the idea of trying to get an NHS boob job is becoming increasingly attractive.

So, are boobs important? Does having no chest make me completely unattrative and unsexualised?


  1. You know, what's attractive changes from decade to decade - in the 1920s, the idea breast size was one that would fit into a champagne glass (not a champagne flute, mind you - that'd just be weird - but a glass). So, don't do anything drastic because large boobs are in right now. You need to find comfort with yourself and your body (which would be a big advantage in tackling the whole anorexia issue). If you're concerned about not being attractive to men, I say this: the right man for you WILL be attracted to YOU and it won't be solely based on your physical attributes. As much as the media wants you to believe that men are all about looks first, the truth is that men just as often fall in love with the person and later come to love every aspect of that person ... small breasts included. Does that make sense?

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  3. Heya,
    I'm a guy and believe me boobs really aren't the be all and end all, but I understand, you want to feel proud of your body, and self image is something I've struggled with, more so recently. But the way I see it, anyone worth being with will fall for you, for you being you, and not for what is on your chest. I know that me saying this won't cure your insecurity on this matter, but you don't need a boob job.

    Hope this helps
    -Fallen Star

  4. I think we (women) are expected to be tiny, with huge boobs. Which leads most of us to diet (or be eating disordered) to be thin, and then have boob jobs to exhibit a positive "curve."
    My boobs fluctuate with my weight. Anorexic I barely fill a 32A. A normal weight, I can be bigger than a 32DD.
    Right now, my boobs are on strike. I cannot seem to grow them and I am gutted I am a 32C.
    Do they matter? Who knows.
    I guess it is down to the individual.
    As for your weight/boobs. Your weight will go straight on those places, they do for most people. But by staying that weight, the weight will re-distribute and might even give you boobs.
    Yo yo ing with weight is certainly not the way to get boobs ;)

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